Edwards' Ultragrade™ Performance Vacuum Lubricants
Daphne Super Ace Vac Series
Moresco Neovac EP83
Pump Maintenance Kits
Lion S Diffusion Oil
Sloils Parafinic Vacuum Pump Oil
Fomblin Oil
Krytox 1525 Vacuum Pump Fluid
Oerlikon Leybold Leybonol LVO100 Oil
Edwards QDP80/40 Claw Set
Edwards IQDP80/40 Rebuilt Kits
Edwards/ Ulvac/ Alcatel/ Leybold/ Busch Pump Maintenance Kits
Edwards QDP80 Refurbished
Shinko Seiki SSX300 Maintenance Kit
ACP20/40 Adixen Annecy Repairing
Edwards EMF 20 Mist Element
Edwards XDS35i Scroll Pump (Used)
Edwards XDS10 Scroll Pump (Used)
Pfeiffer Adixen ACP40 Vacuum Pump (USED)
Unozawa KTS Series Drypump (USED)
Alcatel Adixen 2033 C2 Vacuum Pump -Rebuilt/Service
Ebara ESR Series -Rebuilt/Servicing/Refurbished
Hanbell Dry Vacuum Pump Service/rebuild
Edwards QMB1200 Kits
Edwards QDP80/iQDP80 Kits

Desktop Robot

Ideal for small lot broad mix production

With superior versatility, desktop robots excel at the small lot, broad mix tasks necessary for cell production, including dispensing, assembly, depaneling, soldering, testing and more.

Semi-automation for a low manual labor burden and improved quality

A desktop robot can semi-automate an assembly job process without changing the actual process, thereby improving both product quality and production efficiency.

Small and compact

With its space-saving size, installing a desktop robot in your current production facility is simple. With installation flexibility, model upgrades and facility changeover are also easy.

Desktop Robot Troubleshooting
We provided vacuum drying/bake/oven services for those who need.

Please contact to negotiate and discuss for the service charges/fee.

Vacuum dryer is widely used in semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. 

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Vacuum Drying/Baking/Oven- Services
Ultrasonic Cleaning Services
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